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I am not in that flock (Telugu short story) by Harikumar

  BOOK REVIEW OF TELUGU SHORT STORY. This is a short story written in telugu language. A debut attempt by Mr. Harikumar, a writer from Vizag. The protagonist is a young girl who doesn't want to confine herself to conventioanl societial norms like marriage, job, money, and family. She wants to escape from the stressful human society and wants to live in an utopian world of absolute freedom. The author highlights the biases and prejudices about girl child in our society. He talks about how most women spend their entire lives caring about their families, while not giving a thought about what they really want in their life.  The writing needs a touch of refinement as the narration creates some confusion in the initial pages of the story and the reader keeps wondering as to which character is speaking. The story ends with the protagonist leaving evrything behind to embrak on an utopian journey of absolute freedom. In a sense, it is the story of every person who wants to escape from the

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M McManus

  BOOK REVIEW:- 4 stars out of 5. Five students walk into detention. Only four leave alive. This phrase is enough to arouse curiosity among readers. But I did not need to read this blurb on the back cover to pick this book because the title itself was intriguing enough to grab my attention. ONE OF US IS LYING. is a great book that will keep you hooked till the last page. It's a murder mystery coupled with teen drama. I read this book before watching the Netflix adaptation of this book, so I really enjoyed reading it. The story starts with a cliche where the main characters- Addy, Cooper,  Bronwyn, Nate, and Simon are in detention one afternoon. During detention, Simon dies when he drinks a cup of water from the counter present inside the room. The other four students become murder suspects and the police begin to investigate who among them has killed Simon.  The writing is simple and easy to understand. I loved the author's style of narrating the story through the eyes of multi