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  PORN ADDICTION AND MASTURBATION:-  If you are watching porn every day for four or five hours neglecting studies and other responsibilities, and your porn usage is affecting your life in a bad way, then you are addicted to porn. If you feel like porn is the most important thing in the world and your life is just an interval between several sessions of porn viewing, you are a porn addict. So, let’s ask the most important question. How much porn is too much porn? Is watching porn a bad habit?  If you are watching porn twice or thrice a week, an hour each day, for releasing sexual tension, and if it is not disturbing your daily life activities, then it is ok. But if you are watching porn for several hours every day and you feel like you are alive only for watching porn and jerking off, then it becomes a problem. Say you have an exam tomorrow, but instead of studying, you watch porn for hours, then it is definitely porn addiction.  Don’t make porn viewing a habit. Do it only when you get

FACTFULNESS by Hans Rosling.

  BOOK REVIEW: 4.5 stars out of Five .  Factfulness by Hans Rosling is a book that deals with various misconceptions about the world and tries to present the facts with bubble charts and averages. He points out that a piece of negative news is more attention-grabbing than a piece of boring good news and that's why our media bombards us with negativity. Development is a slow-moving tortoise but at least it moves. But we hardly hear any positive news about development. He enlightens us that the present world is in a much better shape when compared to the past. But most of us live in the perception that the world is becoming dangerous day by day. He talks about various human instincts that shape our worldview and teaches us how to avoid these instincts so that we can perceive the world in a much better way than what our negative instincts led us to believe. Reading this book will change your mind and will force you to pause and think before you make sudden judgments about any situatio


  BOOK REVIEW: 4.5 stars out of five.  Fifteen Moves Ahead” by Devadeep Gupta is an intriguing psychological thriller that will keep you on edge till the end. The author has used the game of chess as the main theme and cleverly built an interesting thriller around it. Chess is all about mind games, with each player trying to anticipate the next move of the opponent. Imagine the blood bath on the chess board where one player is a methodical champion of logic who has never lost a game and the other player is a girl who is a gifted creative genius, a new rising star in the world of chess. The present champion has issues dealing with his dark past, while the new girl has her own problems. Who will win in this battle of wits, the current arrogant champion or the new girl with a creative gift? The story is fast-paced and interesting to read. The author did a commendable job of describing the players' thoughts, making the reader visualize the inner workings of the genius minds. His usage


  BENEFITS OF READING BOOKS:- IT IMPROVES EMPATHY:- When you read a book, you will feel what the characters feel in the story. You will feel their pain, anger, fear, and all other emotions. As a result, you will become more empathetic in real life. You will start thinking from another person's perspective. You will become a better person. IT IS EXERCISE FOR THE BRAIN :- Are you going to the gym and working out to keep your body in a healthy condition? Reading does the same to your brain. The human brain is elastic. Reading books results in the formation of new connections in the brain and strengthens the already existing connections. Reading makes your brain stronger. IT IMPROVES CONCENTRATION :- In today's age of Instagram reels and constant bombardment of messages, we tend to lose concentration as we are focused on too many things at the same time.  Reading a book involves letting go of all the above-mentioned distractions and concentrating on just one thing- the book in your


    BOOK REVIEW: 4.5 stars out of 5. If you want to know how to be clever with your money management, you must read this book. You will learn some important lessons regarding so many factors that influence the world around us. The writing is simple with a straightforward approach which makes it easy for everyone to understand this book. I request everyone to read this book and gain some insightful knowledge about money and life. The author makes an important claim that finance is different from other subjects like physics or chemistry. Finance has a lot to do with human emotions and cannot be quantified into a set of fixed rules. He also talks about the importance of luck in one's success. Luck and risk are two sides of the same coin. There is an equal chance of getting lucky or facing risk whenever you do something in all aspects of life. I loved how the author urges his readers to consider a margin of error so that when things don't work according to plan, you don't lose