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  Toxic people may be among your friends, relatives, your colleagues at work, or even your lover or life partner. After spending time with them, you would feel sad, angry, and worthless. They make you feel like an inferior or a lesser person. You would feel like your energy is drained and you begin to have negative thoughts about yourself. For personal growth and the all-around development of an individual, it is very important that you are surrounded by lovable people who really care about you. Stay away from toxic people if you want a happy and healthy life. If it is not possible to avoid them, remind them that their behavior is toxic and talk to your friends or colleagues about their toxic nature.  Now, let us consider some behaviors of toxic people:- Dream crusher:- A toxic person always tries to discourage you. He will make negative comments about your goals. Let’s say you reveal to your friend group that you want to become a rich businessman. Usually, genuine friends would suppor


BOOK REVIEW:  Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson is book one of the Mistborn trilogy which has been making great waves in fantasy fiction. This is must read for fantasy lovers. The story is unique with an awesome magic system, grand world-building, thrilling plotlines, and interesting characters. I salute his imagination and writing skills. Brandon Sanderson has developed a strong villain with God-like powers. His presence in the story creates a feeling of dread throughout the plot. The magic system is unique, the fighting scenes are awesome, and the concept of gaining powers by ingesting metals gives the reader the much-needed thrill.  This book will take you into a fantastic dystopian world where there is a constant fall of ash from the sky. When the author reveals the reason for the incessant ash fall from the sky, I am sure you would jump from your chair. The author's imagination is beyond me. I can say that he is one of the best fantasy writers of the present gene


BOOK REVIEW  I was searching for a good fantasy book with a female lead and I found this one luckily. This book keeps you on your toes and you won't stop reading it until you finish it. The author has created a beautiful world for us and I enjoyed every bit of it. The description of castles, the action sequences, the delicious food, and the magical school have made me feel as if I was standing beside Aurora, witnessing everything. And the funny part was, I read some chapters, eating a plum cake to get a feel of the food described in some chapters and it felt really good. Just switch off the lights in your room, close the door, and read this novel on your laptop or kindle, with a black background and white letters. This book will take you to the world of Avalonia. Will read the sequels soon. This book has a harry potter feel to it. Any fantasy fan would love this book. The magic school trope is my favorite and this book contains everything that a potter head would ask for.  The auth


Hello folks, today I am going to discuss why boys should stop chasing girls. I had seen many   boys chasing girls in real life as well as on social media. This video is intended mainly for boys who are obsessed with girls and spend most of their time thinking about girls while neglecting their studies and careers. Let’s assume there is a college student called Rohit who is 18 years old. His day starts with checking the social media profiles of various girls. He has texted 50 random girls on Facebook and Instagram. He liked their pictures, commented on them with beautiful words, and messaged them directly to their inbox, but there was no response. He started to feel self-conscious about his looks as none of the girls responded. But he does not know that girls on social media get at least 100 messages a day from random boys. Do you really think those girls have the time and patience to respond to all those messages coming from strangers? Those girls already have boyfriends in their rea


  Book Review:- ATOMIC HABITS by JAMES CLEAR is one of the best non-fiction books that will change your life for good if you stick to the methods mentioned in the book. James Clear enlightens us that our lives are nothing but a collection of good and bad habits. A habit is a routine or practice performed regularly. It is an automatic response to a specific situation. Our quality of life depends on the quality of our habits. Everything you do is a habit.  Author's concept of 1 percent improvement, habit loop, laws of behavior change and scorecards make the reader realize the importance of habits. Most of us float through life without even giving a thought about what we are actually doing and how we are spending our time and energy. Once you read this book, you will become aware of various things that had been hampering your life's goals. I am glad I read this book. I recommend this book to everyone. This book  provides practical strategies for building good habits and breaking b


  Hello friends, today I want to share important information about rejection in love and relationships. Let’s assume there are two people Rahul and Anjali. Both are in love. For some time, everything goes well. But later on, when Rahul proposes Anjali, she rejects him and runs away.  She has her own reasons for rejecting him. Rahul is heartbroken. He becomes furious that Anjali has rejected him. He vows to destroy her. He starts stalking her and tries to kill her. Well, this is how most love stories end on a tragic note, but why is this happening. Just pause and think for a while. Has Anjali done something so terrible that she deserves to be killed? See, the problem is people in love do not understand that rejection is a part of life and relationships. Everyone has the right to reject the person they don’t love anymore. You cannot force people into loving you.  Mainstream Indian films glorify love stories where the guy always gets the girl. Those movies are designed to elevate the hero