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  For 13 years under a legal arrangement called conservatorship overseen by her father, Britney Spears could not see her two sons without approval or choose her own meals; she was forbidden to drive a car. She was forbidden from seeing anyone without her father's approval.  What is Conservatorship and why Britney was placed under it? A conservatorship is a legal arrangement where a court appoints a person to manage the personal and financial affairs of a minor or incapacitated person. A conservator may also be responsible for establishing and monitoring the individual's physical care and living arrangements. A California court placed Britney Spears under conservatorship in 2008 after a series of bizarre incidents, including shaving her head; attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella; locking herself in a room with one of her children to avoid handing them over to the child's father. If you read this book, you will know why she did the above things and how her father manipula