IT IMPROVES EMPATHY:- When you read a book, you will feel what the characters feel in the story. You will feel their pain, anger, fear, and all other emotions. As a result, you will become more empathetic in real life. You will start thinking from another person's perspective. You will become a better person.

IT IS EXERCISE FOR THE BRAIN:- Are you going to the gym and working out to keep your body in a healthy condition? Reading does the same to your brain. The human brain is elastic. Reading books results in the formation of new connections in the brain and strengthens the already existing connections. Reading makes your brain stronger.

IT IMPROVES CONCENTRATION:- In today's age of Instagram reels and constant bombardment of messages, we tend to lose concentration as we are focused on too many things at the same time.  Reading a book involves letting go of all the above-mentioned distractions and concentrating on just one thing- the book in your hand. The act of sitting in one place and reading a book for an hour improves your concentration.

IT REDUCES STRESS AND IMPROVES SLEEP:- When you read a book, you will go into a sort of meditative state. As a result, your heart rate reduces and your muscles relax. Reading before bedtime will let you sleep better. 

IT INCREASES KNOWLEDGE AND MEMORY: As your brain deals with new information from books, you will gain knowledge about various new things. Your memory will improve as you try to remember the names of the characters and places in the story while you are reading. 

IT REDUCES ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION:  Reading can help reduce depression and anxiety as reading reduces stress, improves sleep, and increases mental activity in the brain. 

I request all the teachers and parents to inculcate the habit of reading books in children. Devote an hour each day for reading books. Pick up the genre you like and start reading. It will take some effort and patience on your part to get into reading books. But I assure you that your life will change for the better if you start reading books.  


  1. That is so very true. I have picked up this habit lately and been addicted to it. Life has never been better !

    1. I wish I had picked up this habit of reading books when I was in school. I got into reading books when I had decided to become an author in the year 2016. If you like reading fantasy books, you can read my book scarlett lost in the five lands.


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