Hello friends, today I want to share important information about rejection in love and relationships. Let’s assume there are two people Rahul and Anjali. Both are in love. For some time, everything goes well. But later on, when Rahul proposes Anjali, she rejects him and runs away.  She has her own reasons for rejecting him. Rahul is heartbroken. He becomes furious that Anjali has rejected him. He vows to destroy her. He starts stalking her and tries to kill her. Well, this is how most love stories end on a tragic note, but why is this happening. Just pause and think for a while. Has Anjali done something so terrible that she deserves to be killed? See, the problem is people in love do not understand that rejection is a part of life and relationships. Everyone has the right to reject the person they don’t love anymore. You cannot force people into loving you. 

Mainstream Indian films glorify love stories where the guy always gets the girl. Those movies are designed to elevate the hero’s character. In real life, people are just people. They are not heroes. People get rejected all the time. Dealing with rejection is tough. Parents and teachers should tell their children that rejection is a part of life and they should be ok with it. No, means no. If a girl rejects you, you should leave her and move on with your life. The same goes for the girl when a guy rejects her. You will find someone else later or you will be busy with your job. It’s not a life-or-death situation. I know that rejection hurts a lot, but if you give in to your emotions and do something stupid like hurting the girl or hurting yourself, you will end up ruining your life.

The girl that you loved is someone’s daughter, sister, or mother. You do not own her. Stop treating her as if she is your private property. If you have a sister or mother, imagine how you would feel if her lover attacks her. Think for a while before you proceed to hurt someone. Learn to deal with rejection. Love is just a small part of life; it’s not the entire life. Be safe and be happy. Do not act on impulse and ruin your life. A person that has no control over his emotions and actions will end up becoming a criminal. Keep your anger and frustration in check. Human beings are born free and like to live life in an independent manner. If you try to own people against their will, you will end up in big trouble. So, the next time someone rejects you, let them go. Who knows, you may find someone better than the person that rejected you. All this love, breakups, dating, and relationships may seem important when you are young, but as you grow old, you will realize that life is much more than being with someone. 


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