Hello folks, today I am going to discuss why boys should stop chasing girls. I had seen many
 boys chasing girls in real life as well as on social media. This video is intended mainly for boys who are obsessed with girls and spend most of their time thinking about girls while neglecting their studies and careers.

Let’s assume there is a college student called Rohit who is 18 years old. His day starts with checking the social media profiles of various girls. He has texted 50 random girls on Facebook and Instagram. He liked their pictures, commented on them with beautiful words, and messaged them directly to their inbox, but there was no response. He started to feel self-conscious about his looks as none of the girls responded. But he does not know that girls on social media get at least 100 messages a day from random boys. Do you really think those girls have the time and patience to respond to all those messages coming from strangers? Those girls already have boyfriends in their real life, why would they bother about boys on social media.

Now, let’s discuss what Rohit does in his college. There are some girls in his college. He was frustrated with the lack of response from girls on social media. So, he thought he would try his luck in the real world. His present goal is to have a girlfriend. He has had no real interaction with girls in his life so far. So, he took inspiration from Indian movies and assumed girls would fall for him, completely ignoring the fact that in real life, girls reject more often than accept a guy. He proposed to one of the girls in his college. She rejected him for some reason. He could not take it. He began to message her incessantly, urging her to become his girlfriend. He should have left her alone when she said no, but he began to stalk her in college and on her way home. While this may seem romantic in movies, it is a nightmare for girls in real life. If a girl is not interested, leave her alone. Don’t assume that she would accept you if you keep on chasing her. Indian movies are made from a male perspective and they show women as objects that only exist for satisfying men. So, if you are assuming that a girl will be impressed by your actions, you are wrong. Indian movies have romanticized stalking since their inception but the present generation's audience is not accepting the outdated idea.

 Lets us look at the definition of stalking- To follow a person or contact them despite a clear indication of disinterest from that person. If the girl is not interested and you keep on pestering her by following her, calling her, and texting her, it would be frightening for that girl. In India, stalking is a criminal offense punishable by one to three years imprisonment. Also, people around you would judge you as a man obsessed with girls who have no goals in life. Your reputation would be ruined. I know that you want to look cool by having a girlfriend, but pursuing girls is entirely different from chasing the girl obsessively. The moment she says no, you should back off.

As a result of Rohit’s obsession with chasing girls, he neglected his studies and scored fewer marks in semester exams. Chasing a girl that does not like you is like waiting for a ship at the airport. You are only wasting your time and energy. Movies and media romanticize the idea that there is one special person for you, but in real life things are complicated. You cannot force someone to love you if they are not interested. This is really damaging to your confidence and self-esteem. Rohit began to feel worthless as he attributed his self-worth to having a beautiful girlfriend. This is dangerous not just to himself but to women as well. Don’t judge your quality of life by the number of women craving for you. It is an outdated notion and does not work in real life. You are not James Bond or a Billionaire.

If you are chasing someone that does not like you, that means you have no self-respect. You should know when to walk away. We hear people say that if you want something, you should try hard, but when it comes to people and relationships, it is different. Try and try until you succeed does not hold true in matters of pursuing girls that don’t like you. No means no.

Concentrate on improving yourself. Develop good habits. Hit the gym, read books, and go for a swim to relax. Focus on your goals. Your achievements will stay with you forever, not the girls you fall in love with. Everyone respects successful people. Become successful. 


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